Kathir College of Engineering

ME Power Electronics & Drives

About the Department

Program Educational Objectives(PEOs)

PEO1: Graduates of this program will have technical knowledge, skills and ability to design, develop and test power electronic converters and drives using advanced tools.

PEO2: Graduates of this program will have skills and knowledge in the field of power electronics and drives to work in the design, fabrication industries and research organizations.

PEO3: Graduates of this program will show confidence and exhibit self-learning capability and demonstrate a pursuit in life-long learning through higher studies and research.

PEO4: Graduates of this program will show involvement and willingness in assuming responsibility in societal and environmental causes.

Program Outcomes (POs)

PO1: Acquire sound knowledge in power electronics and drives.

PO2: Analyse power electronics and drives related engineering problems and synthesize the information for conducting high level of research.

PO3: Think widely to offer creative and innovative solutions of engineering problems that are inconformity with social and environmental factors.

PO4: Extract the new methodologies by carrying out the literature survey, proper design and conduction of experiments, interpret and analyse the data to arrive at meaningful research methodologies in power electronics and drives.

PO5: Learn and apply modern engineering and IT tools to solve complex engineering problems related to power converters and electric drives.

PO6: Ability to form, understand group dynamics and work in inter-disciplinary groups in order to achieve the goal.

PO7: Ability to communicate effectively in appropriate technical forums and understand the concepts and ideas to prepare reports, to make effective presentations. PO8: Ability to update knowledge and skills through lifelong learning to keep abreast with the technological developments.

PO9: Follow the professional and research ethics, comprehend the impact of research and responsibility to contribute to the society.

PO10: Understand the leadership principles and subject oneself to introspection and take voluntary remedial measures for effective professional practice in the field of power electronics and electric drives.

Faculty Details

Name of FacultyDesignationArea of Expertise
Dr. T. SIVAKUMARPROFESSORTransducer / Transformer performance analysis
Ms S. KALPANAASST. PROF. DC Drives design
Ms. M. JEYABHARATHIASST. PROF.High Voltage Engineering