Kathir College of Engineering

Flagship Centre of Excellence of KCE

APJ Abdul Kalam Research & Innovation Hub

APJ Abdul kalam Research and Innovation Hub is a centre that provides resources and support for research and innovation activities. It typically includes laboratory space, equipment, and access to technical and scientific expertise. The goal of this Research and Innovation Hub is to foster collaboration, creativity, and the development of new ideas and technologies.

APJ Abdul kalam Research and Innovation Hub aims to

  • Promote Interdepartmental Research Communication
  • Develop products that alleviate real life problems
  • Promote Knowledge transfer among students from various departments
  • Create a sustainable research and innovation environment to promote student entrepreneurship
Memorandum of Understanding

Promoting Industry Academia Interaction

  • Providing access to the AI Blended Practice Platform E-Box
  • Interaction with Industrial experts and fostering Entrepreneurship
  • Skill Training, Internships and Placements
  • Hands on Training on Robot Deign and Algorithm development
  • Kits for all participating robotics enthusiasts
  • Skill Training and Placements
  • Hands on Training on Embedded system and real time Processing
  • Real time product development
  • Center of Excellence in Embedded system design