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Thank you KCE

Thank you KCE

Akalyasri D, B.E.ECE - 516/600, 86%

Jayanthi Matric Higher Secondary School, Arulpuram, Tirupur

I am Akalyasri. D. studying Electronics and Communication Engineering in Kathir College of engineering (2020-2024 batch). I am proud to be an E-box student because this platform helps me to learn more and it has practice session which helps to mould myself. Our college has more facilities for the students to make us a comfortable learner. Ebox colleges provides us a monthly stipend of ₹10000 which helps me for my studies financially. Our staff are feeding the subjects which is more understandable. They conduct a bootcamp for python, mathematics and engineering graphics that gives the overall view of those subjects. Especially, mathematics bootcamp was very innovative. The coding contest conducted by E-box colleges which encourages us to do coding. Campus of our college gives us a good vibe for learning. I travelled one year so far in KCE college. I really enjoyed studying in our college.

Thank You.

Lavanya.S, B.E.CSE - 476/600, 79.33%

Palaniammal municipal girls higher secondary school, Tirupur

I have learned lot in the college. Our college faculties are very comfortable with us. E-box platform is very useful for me. They provides a stipend of Rs.10000. which is very useful for my studies. I am proud to be there in the college.

S.Ambika, B.E.ECE - 515/600, 85.83%

Kongu Vellalar Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Karumatham Patti

Coaching is very good. Practice sessions are very useful to improve our knowledge. Stipend is very useful for studying purpose. Totally all is best in Kathir College of Engineering.

Thank you

Renu Shree.S, AI-DS - 494/600, 82.33%

Municipal Girls Government Model Higher Secondary School, Tiruvannamalai

E-box Colleges is about a happy educational journey. The faculties are great with a nice way of interacting with us. The learning aspects in this campus is like a friendly approach. The practice sessions are very helpful for me to understand the concepts clearly and feeling that we are practically trained. I feel free to ask doubts with the faculties. And the bootcamps are very interesting. I am receiving STIPEND from November to till date. This is very helpful for me for facing financial issues.

Thank You.

Rakshaya.S, B.E.CSE - 526/600, 87.67%

Palaniammal Municipal Girls Higher Secondary School, Tiruppur

E-box platform is very helpful to improve our thinking ability. I have learned lot of things in this. Faculties are very comfortable with us. They provide a stipend of Rs.10000, which is very helpful for my studies. I am proud to be a part of this.

R.Jenifer Rohini, AI DS - 511/600, 85.16%

Vivek Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Kinathukadavu

I am very proud that I am an ebox student. At first, I thought it would be tough but as of now it is helping me to learn and understand things very easily. The teachers are really very helpful. Whatever doubts they make us understand from the depth. Now I am really happy and enjoying my studies. They don't bore us with theory but make us explore with interesting concepts. I get stipend monthly from december which really helps my family's financial status. Now I'm doing my second semester and I am really enjoying studying here. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

T. Dharshini, B.E.CSE - 489/600, 82%

Sri Kumaran Matric Higher Secondary School, Chengapalli

I whole heartedly thank E-box team to give a good education and innovative ideas to grow our knowledge. I’m really happy for receiving stipend. It really helps my family. It is one of the ways for encouraging us. It makes us to work hard. I'm happy with E-Box education.

Thank you.

Dhivyadharshini.M, B.E.CSE - 490/600, 81.66%

Kshatriya Girls Higher Secondary School Viruthunagar

Our college faculties are helping us to improve and gain better knowledge. They are giving stipend Rs.10000 for every month. It's really helpful for our studies. We really feel thankful to study in E-box college.

Darshiniprabha R, B.E.CSE - 528/600, 88%

ARC Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Karumathampatti

E-box platform is very useful for me. Our college faculties are very friendly with us. And the stipend provided by E-box is also very useful for my studies. I am proud to be an E-boxian.

Sri Sakthi M, B.E.CSE - 506/600, 84.3%

Vikas Vidhyalaya Matric Higher Secondary School, Koolipalayam

I am very proud to say this, that I was a student in E-Box college. According to stipend, it is an encouragement to the engineering students. E-Box platform is very useful to the students. We can easily understand the concepts and can improve our knowledge by the practice sessions.

Thank you.

Aakaash.K.B, AI-DS - 454/600, 90.8%

Geethaanjali All India Senior Secondary School, Thindal, Erode-12

Good wishes, I’m Aakaash, I’m currently enrolled in the dept. of Artificial intelligence and Data science in Kathir college of Engineering under E-box colleges. The chief goal of e-box colleges is to provide practical education and skilling to the students rather than following only the curriculums suggested. We’ve got a wonderful opportunity to work in the e-box platform where we solve real-life applications and theoretical quiz-oriented problems for each and every subject we study. It’s really helpful in understanding the concepts deeply, rather than just memorizing it. We had boot camps for python programming, engineering mathematics, engineering graphics, etc. where we learned wholesome topics on every subject in a very elegant way and solved over 100 problems in each, which was a great chance to enrich ourselves in basic concepts so early. The Topcoders’21, a python programming contest conducted by E-box for first year students all over Tamilnadu was a huge success in bringing out the talented young programmers and also making the participants realize their strengths and weaknesses. An important part is that we first year students of E-box colleges were given a chance to work in the management team of the Topcoders contest, in designing the programs which was a wonderful opportunity. Moreover, the students who excelled in their 12th board exams are receiving a stipend amount of 10,000 Rs from the first month since the college began. The students who scored more than 90% in the board exams even received a full-fee waiver for four years. To conclude, the wholesome experience of our peaceful stay at campus and the finest training from E-box to enrich our knowledge was completely awesome and I do believe that the upcoming days will even be more interesting.

Thank you.

John Prabhu. G, B.E.CSE - 526/600, 87.67%

Venkateshwara Vidyalaya Matric Hr. Sec School

E-box, It's an innovative way of learning. The platform provides many questions that are very tricky, it boosts our mind to think more, it is very useful.


Vijay K, B.E.CSE- 519/600, 86.5%

Jai Saradha matric higher secondary school. Velampalaiyam, Tiruppur

E-box college's is something different compared to other colleges. They provide lots of opportunities for the students to develop their skills from their AI blended system also they conduct different bootcamp related to subject like python, engineering graphics, engineering mathematics and c programming. They encourage the students who scored good marks in 12th standard by giving stipend and fees free for all four years. E-box platform trying to make a revolution in the education of engineering.

M.Gowtham, AI-DS - 432/500, 86.4%

Sri Jayendra Saraswathy Vidyalaya Senior Secondary CBSE School, Coimbatore

My experience with Kathir college of engineering was great. I really loved the teaching method at E-box, because it made me understand the concepts more clearly. And the teachers were very helpful by clearing every one of my doubts.

G.Nandhakumar, AI-DS - 539/600, 89.9%

Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya Matric Higher Secondary School, Tirupur

E-Box is great place to learn. It gives me great to say with pride that i have started my career in B.Tech in AI &DS from this Institution. The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The Theory and Practical cell are very supportive and they have conducted various sessions which helped me to get placed. I'm really happy to be part in this E-Box colleges. Their stipend helps me for my studies. Thank you, E-Box, for giving me this opportunity.

Prasshanth S.K, B.E.CSE - 516/600, 86%

Srinivasa Vidhyalaya Matric Higher Sec School, Udumalpet

My experience with Kathir college of engineering was great. I really loved the teaching method at E-box, because it made me understand the concepts more clearly. The guidance of the faculty members made me more comfort.

Raghul. P, B.E.CSE - 511/600, 85.10%

E-box is a platform which provides students a free education and it is very useful for many students including me. In this E-box platform, all the faculty members are good and they have more interest to teach us. E-box also have practice sessions, which is very useful to test our knowledge and skills. They also have doubt clearing sessions, which is very useful to clarify our doubts. In my opinion, E-box is an excellent learning platform for the students those who are keen and willing to learn more.