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We have Earmarked 27 Startup Studios for 2021 Budding Engineers

Designing and Manufacturing Agricultural Machinery suitable for Hilly Regions.

Research and Development in creating Sustainable Farming Processes and Methods.

A portal to share / collaborate on Stories/Ideas.

Virtual / Physical Robots to analyse traffic patterns and provide insights for better traffic and infrastructure management.

Data analytics to determine genuinity of Media Content

Securing Customers from Retail Thefts

Services to create multiple Small Scale Companies to increase employment for people in villages

Focusing on preventive measures for Environment / Nature Degradation.

Virtual or Physical Robots to assist and monitor vital parameters of patients and elderly people

Wearable sensors to monitor people's health and their vital parameters for Remote Monitoring.

Creating Content and Practice Based Learning Components for Medical Education.

Automated Background Verification Services to Companies and Corporates.

An Expert System that generates Financial Health Scores for individuals & companies.

Providing efficient measures to monitor Food Safety when buying, preparing and storing food.

Securing Quality of Online Retail Purchases

Providing Consultancy Services for Farmers on various Agricultural Methods and Practices.

Aggregating Dry Lands and Improving the Fertility of the Soil to turn them into a productive agricultural land.

Small and Powerful Robots for under water exploration and cleaning.

Creating Aerial Robots for usage in Agricultural, Surveillance and Last Mile Delivery.

Developing Innovative Actuators to respond to varying environmental parameters.

Research and Development for creating low cost Solar Power Cells.

Indigenous Smart Servos to facilitate selection of inbuilt Control System for Future Automation.

Developing affordable, efficient and compact Power Devices for IoT Ecosystem.

Providing necessary Security for Networked Devices and Applications.

Providing Local and Long Lasting Electrical Power Solutions for Intelligent and Independent Machines.

Creating Inhouse Designing and Fabrication of Chips for various devices.

Designing Processes and Methods to preserve and celebrate our differences