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Gems of Kathir

Gems of Kathir

Indhumathi R, CSE - 2021 Batch

Worksbot Applications, Chennai

E-box is a broad technical builder for the current educational scenario. It curved the pathway when I looked forward to kick starting with a consequent growth of my efficient capabilities and enhanced my skill for the new trends in the IT sector, with its advanced skill assessment tests. The key parameters are taken into consideration to interact with the students on the latest job skills that the industries look for in a candidate. The self-assessment and identifying ideal job profiles ensure confidence during the main event by conducting these pre-placement training sessions.

Thank You E-BOX!

Padma Priya D, CSE - 2021 Batch

Cybervault Innovations & Technologies Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore

"Placement" is a priority number one for an Engineering student. And Honestly speaking  getting opportunities  for company drives  before college ends in vital. Ebox has always taken care of their students. The support I received was thorough and timely and The teaching style of faculties is inclined towards Practical Implementation  rather than just gaining Theoretical  Knowledge. I Thank our placement trainers for seeding confidence and motivation. Before the final year the  students are eligible for the campus placement trainings. Even I have been placed before the final sem And I'm fully satisfied with the company. Ebox has done a great job taking me from a beginner to building a website.

Ramya A, CSE - 2021 Batch

Cybervault Innovations & Technologies Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore

I’m Ramya from Kathir College of Engineering computer science department. Ebox provided placement trainings even during the pandemic situation. The trainings are very helpful for us. we learned lot of skills through this Ebox training sessions. Ebox placements brings more companies for drive. By these trainings and learnings I have been selected as a full stack developer in cybervault innovations and technologies, coimbatore.

Thanks for your support!!!

Vasukidevi S, CSE - 2021 Batch

Cybervault Innovations & Technologies Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore

Hi everyone! I'm Vasukidevi, student of Computer Science and Engineering department from Ebox colleges, Kathir College Of Engineering. I'm so grateful in thanking Ebox where I have gained the most positive and useful skills for my career placements even on this pandemic situation.

Ebox has the utmost technologies and technical staffs of various regions to provide the best deliverables for every student according to their interests and talents. Ebox platform also facilitates the latest technology courses with programming sets for handful training which develops our skills and applicable knowledge.

Ebox placement brings many top-most competitive companies for the campus drive. By these training programs and efforts taken, I have been hired as a Full Stack Developer in one of such top company RFPIO Inc., Coimbatore.

Thanks for the support and guidance from Ebox.

Sudharsan J, Mech - 2021 Batch

Linga Technologies, Coimbatore

Hi, myself Sudharsan J, Junior Engineer (Trainee), Linga Technologies, Coimbatore. I pursued my UG as B.E Mechanical Engineering (2017-2021) in Kathir College of Engineering, E-box colleges, Coimbatore. First my heartful thank you for the opportunity given from E-box Colleges. E-box colleges helped me a lot in virtual mode of education in both learning and skill developments. And E-box colleges gave me a wonderful opportunity what I expected to be, what I want,  after completing my engineering degree. The core industry which I got in placed in a placement drive is a place where I can applying all those stuffs what I learned while my course duration. I am happy with this experience and I wish all others should have this as well.. and finally am learning and enjoying my profession as a passion.