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Science and Humanities
About the Department

Science and Humanities department is one of the pioneering departments among other departments, which enrich the fundamental practical knowledge of students when they join the engineering stream especially at Kathir College of Engineering. The aim of the department is to inspire the students to do research in the core areas of engineering. Fundamental concepts of engineering had been evolved from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematical concepts, hence, the department nurtures and shapes the young minds towards research. A team of professors in all the four departments ignite and guide the young minds from first through final years not only to get the degree with flying colours but also to learn the ‘Life Skills’ to fetch a prominent position in an organization / the society.

Highlights of the Department
  • AI driven technology E-Box platform for TLP
  • High quality faculty members
  • State of art laboratory facilities
  • Hands on Project Experience
  • Opportunities in Technical & Non-Technical Clubs
Laboratory Facilities
Physics Laboratory

The Physic laboratory is set up with a spacious environment and a full-fledged laboratory and meets the needs of the students as per Anna University Curriculum. It aims to produce holistic, value based engines by exploring through effective interaction to discover and to transfer the knowledge to the student community.

  • Travelling Microscope
  • Carey-Foster Bridge
  • Meter Bridge
  • Potentiometer
  • Spectrometer
  • Optical Bench
  • Lee’s Disc
  • BH Curve Unit With CRO
  • Ultrasonic Interferometer Single Frequency
Chemistry Laboratory

The department is equipped with a full-fledged laboratory and meets the needs of the students as per Anna University Curriculum. The first year students are trained sufficiently to enhance their practical skills and are also provided hands on experience on sophisticated instruments.

  • Digitalvisible Spectrophoto Meter
  • Digital Conductivity Meter
  • Digital Potentiometer
  • Electronic Top Pan Balance
  • Digital Flamephotometer
  • Demineraliser Double Bed Model
  • Digital PH Meter
Communication Laboratory

‘Communicating among others is a skill and speaking in English is an ‘Art’.

The Department of English pays attention in enhancing the ‘Communication Skills’ of the students right from first year through final year by engaging them in ‘Language Laboratory’. Several skills such as ‘Soft Skills, People’s Skills, and Interpersonal Skills’, which are required for the students are taught in this laboratory so as to get placement in Multinational Companies.

In addition, the department of English gives training in ‘Public speaking’, which is pivotal for students when they are placed in organizations.

Also, department of English utilizes the E-Box platform effectively by augmenting the ‘Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills’ of the students, which are indispensableto be successful all through the life.

Science and Humanities Staff Profile
S.No Name Designation
1 Dr. K.V.Kannan Nithin Professor and Head
2 Dr.R.Kanna Professor
3 Dr.V S.Angulakshmi Associate Professor
4 Mr. S. David Selvaraj Assistant Professor
5 Mr.S.Saravanan Assistant Professor
6 Ms.K.Hemalatha Assistant Professor
7 Mrs.D.Meenakshi Assistant Professor
8 Mrs.K.Kokilamani Assistant Professor
9 Mrs.A.Radhika Assistant Professor
10 Ms.M.Nandhini Priya Assistant Professor
11 Ms.K.Saranya Assistant Professor
12 Mrs.G.Kalpana Assistant Professor
13 Mr.M.Prabhu Assistant Professor
Faculty Publications
Name of Faculty Designation Title Name of the Journal/Volume/Issue/PP/DoI
Mr. S. Saravanan Assistant Professor Existence solutions of double perturbed impulsive neutral functional integrodifferential equation International Journal of Applied Science and Computations (IJASC), Vol. 5, Issue 8, August 2018. ISSN: 1076-5131
Advanced Representations of Graph Theory in Engineering Systems International Journal of Applied Science and Computations (IJASC), Vol. 5, Issue 7, July 2018. ISSN: 0076-5161
Dr Kannan Nithin K V Professor Synthesis and characterization of cobalt-doped cadmium oxide thin films prepared by sol–gel spin coating method
Influence of Organic Additive Benzene Sulfamide on the Magnetic Behavior of Electrodeposited CoMnP Thin Film Alloys
Influence of Organic Additive Benzene Sulfonic Acid on the Magnetic Behavior of Electrodeposited COMNP Thin Film Alloys
HOD’S Message

Dear students, I have invited you to discover with us how you can make the most of your potential and unleash the energy you demonstrate to change your world, our world, the world!!!!

Throughout the semester, we have the opportunity to explore how to develop and implement such concepts as social justice, ethics and conflict resolution in order to ensure fairness and respect in various aspects of daily life.

Kathir College encourages you to take a fresh look at what makes up modern life, for life today is changing and evolving. Here at Kathir College, we hold in high esteem the human relationships we have with our students. The ideas and experiences of life fascinate us, as they do you.

We hope we can contribute to your future so that you will all develop the qualities that we transform the world, our world, your world.

  • Maths Bootcamp was conducted for the 1st year students from 5.1.2021 to 10.1.2021.
  • Science day celebration 2018

S. Ingersoll, Group Director, ISRO, addressing the students during the Science day Celebration 2018.

Enhancing of the understanding energy mechanics in general – Guest Lecture

Mr. N.R. Vaideeswaran presented a Guest Lecture on “Imparting Basic Knowledge about Various Facets of Energy Efficiency” on 25th July, 2018 in the college auditorium.  He shared the information with an interaction about the energy mechanics.

Communication and career Development – Guest Lecture

Mr Anjesh, Motivational speaker and Soft Skills trainer and his team conducted a three days workshop on the topic “Communication and career Development” to our budding engineers of our college. Through this workshop students learnt how to fix and achieve their goals.  In this program students are trained to enhance their soft skills. 

Activity based motivation programme

Two days activity based motivational programme was arranged for our students on 26th July, 2018 in the College premises.  Through this program students learned and observed the situations and predict to use their presence of mind to tackle the situations.

Seminar on Yoga and Stress Management

Students attended a Seminar on “Principles and Life Style Modification through Naturopathy, Yoga and Stress Management” organized by National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune and JSSINYS, Coimbatore on 19th November, 2018. 

Visit to Regional Science Centre, Coimbatore

Our students along with faculty members from S&H visited the Regional Science Centre, Coimbatore on 20th of July, 2018. Through this visit students learned the basic science behind the engineering World.

Soft skills and life skills

In everyday life, the improvement of life skills facilitates students to find a new way of thinking and problem solving, recognizes the knock of their actions and teaches them to take responsibility for what they do rather than blame others. 

Water Rocket 

As a part of bridge course, on 19th July 2018, the students along with S&H department faculty members were participated in water rocket event.  The students were divided into groups and made a simple bottle rocket from two-liter soft drink bottles along with other materials under the guidance of Mr Arun Pranesh and Mr Arun Prakash, Assistant Professor in Mechanical department. The rocket is powered by air pressure and water.  The bottle water rockets were tested in the college ground.